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FROM: "The Website Professionals"
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Dear Friend,

If you want a brand new website design and hosted for you ... with a minimum of fuss ... and all inside 5 days, then this could be the most important message you ever read.

Here's why...

In most instances you'll be charged anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000 just to have a website personally created for you. But the problem is, most designers haven't got a clue about the marketing side of your business. They think that if it looks great, that's all that matters. Without marketing however, you haven't got a steady flow of customers.

Lets us HELP you to get started so your prospects and clients can find you on the World Wide Web quickly.
That is why what I am offering you, answers both needs.

  • You don't need to hand over huge amounts of cash in order to have a website personally designed for you.
  • You don't need to be treated like or feel like an uneducated idiot just because you don't know HTML or CSS code.
  • And you won't need to beg just to have changes made to your website

Yes, 5 days. And I'm talking about a sensational looking website that you are proud to show people ... AND ... is designed to help you make money.

(Do you know that you have about 1.5 seconds to grab your visitor's attention? That's why most "professional" design companies give you sites which are duds - they take FOREVER to load.)

That's what we pride ourselves on. Making sure the whole process is nice and easy.

your business to help you grow your business through the roof (more about this in just a moment).

Maybe you've had some experience with website designers. Maybe you haven't. Either way, let me fill you in --

How do I know? Because I've been there. And paid thousands of dollars for the "privilege."

... if you're smart,
then what I'm about to tell you, puts an end to all the drama and confusion of getting a website done. Basically, I will do it for you in the next 5 days for a fraction of what other people are charging.
You'll simply need to have some information ready to go. We can design your page for you... we can make sure it's optimised (which means easy to load and find on the internet) ... and we can have it done in 5 days....
We need you to come to the party when it comes to the information on your website.

Often it's best just to get something up on the webpage. That's Step 1. Then we can improve it as we go. Why? Because the FIRST STEP in anything we do is always the hardest.

You'll be surprised how quick things come together after taking that first step.
We can even suggest different things to have on your webpage. So if you're a beginner, don't worry, we have been there before, you are in good hands.

More often than not, to start, you will want:

  • PAGE 1: A home page that offers your customer your main product or service
  • PAGE 2: An "about us" page that tells your visitors what you are about
  • PAGE 3: A "contact us" page that lets your visitor contact you

Then later on you are probably going to want to add:

  • A "testimonials" page where your visitor can read what your customer have to say about you
  • A Questions and Answers Page one that answers your visitors questions
  • And maybe a page that offers free information or tips ... or maybe even a newsletter
This website will probably not be the dream site you have always wanted initially, BUT it will be a start and working together with us, you will then be able to improve upon it as you go.

That's a good place to start anyway. And we can help you through this.

We've done our research. And it's true, you can pay between $3,000 and $5,000 to have someone personally design a website for you. And that's just with a few pages. Up till now, that's what most people have had to pay (or rather, that's most people have been "forced" to pay by the design companies taking advantage of a hungry market).

Not with us.

We have created a simple system to get your job done. And "systems" means "time savings" and saving time means we can "save you money" meaning you can have a great looking webpage (just like this one!).

But you don't have to pay $5,000 for your website.

You don't pay $4,000. You won't even pay $3,000.... or $2,000... not even $1,000

In fact, because of the systems we have developed, we can have a fabulous site created just for you (and in record time), for just $597.

  • You'll have your own amazing-looking website.
  • Personally designed my myself and my team, including a new header banner
  • You can have your own logo and photos added (just send them to us when we contact you and we'll take care of it)
  • It will load super-fast even on slow connections (this is super important)
  • And we will add a blog (an online diary) to your site if you would like one to keep your clients up to date with your daily, weekly or monthly news.
  • BEST BIT: It can be in as little as 5 days from now (often even quicker)
  • And here's the other part I promised you: we will give you loads of online marketing tips and strategies.

Yes as well as designing a website for you, we'll hand you PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL information that is only available to our clients.

This information could literally change your business forever. It's one of the most eye-opening documents you've ever seen. Once your website is finished, we will hand this PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL information that reveals many internet marketing secrets.

Can you afford not to own this information?

It could literally change the fortunes of your business forever and it's YOURS once we've designed your webpage.

With a offer like this, we DO get very busy with forward-thinking entrepreneurs. As such, we can't work with everyone.

So you do need to be quick. We have a couple of slots available right now, and if you don't apply immediately, they'll be gone.

It's quick and easy. Then we'll contact you immediately so we can get started creating your fantastic new website!

Just pay this once only up front fee of $597 and we will get started straight away. Don't worry if all the places are gone, we will refund your all of your funds in full. Then all we require after that is for you to complete the Application Page to get started (we'll organise this with you after you've been accepted).

Oh and relax your email address is completely safe (we couldn't survive in business if we did the wrong thing).

So if you're ready for us to get started on your project, so are we, fill out the application page, and get ready to supply us with some information, like logos, photos, an outline of your business and some benefits people will receive from doing business with you. And

Let's Just Do It!

Again, lets go, the internet has been around for years now, is it perfection you are waiting for? Remember you have got to start somewhere, make it perfect later. Imagine if Bill Gates didn't start Microsoft until it was perfect, we would all still be waiting. BUT, what he does instead is resell us the improved version every couple of years, how smart is that.


Heather Richards

P.S. You really have nothing to lose, if nothing else, you're going to learn how simple it is to have your business online in just a matter of days. We can't wait to show you how.